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Teacher Training

So they’re able to give pupils the best education possible, we aim to give all our teachers the best training possible, whether they’re at the start of their career or established members of the leadership team

Why train to be a teacher with Paradigm?

Paradigm Trust has a significant track record of delivering high-quality initial teaching training (ITT). 

At Paradigm Trust, one of our mottos is “Teach the right things, efficiently.”

We know every minute we have with our learners is important so we never waste time. We take the essentials of every subject and make sure we teach them in the most effective way. We know what works in the classroom and we want to share that.

To deliver our high quality teacher training, we’ve built strong partnerships with several ITT providers. And as the national ITT framework aligns closely with the Paradigm framework, it allows trainees to fit in with our approach to education and have a good grasp of our pedagogy from the start.

The course combines personal learning sessions with vital time in the classroom, observing and working with established teachers to deliver a range of lessons to children. These practical sessions will account for around 80% of course time and give students the essential skills and experience they need to become a professional teacher.

Most of these practical sessions will be at Old Ford, however we will make sure learners have time in at least one other primary school in the Trust to expand their range of experiences. 

Career Progression at Paradigm

After their first year, teachers can look to move into a subject lead position at Paradigm. This builds experience and confidence as a middle leader. They get the benefit of working with more experienced colleagues and as a team across the wider Trust. It improves their understanding of the curriculum, of how Paradigm works as an organisation and how to develop teacher resources, all with peer support from across the Trust.

As teachers progress further in their careers, they can take advantage of training opportunities funded and delivered by us for middle, senior and principal level training.

If you’re interested starting your teaching career at a Trust that has a strong emphasis on quality training and your career progression then contact Kevin Jones to find out more. We would be very pleased to meet with you at any of our schools.

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