Inspiring Excellence, Committed to Achievement

Since 2005, all of us at Old Ford Primary Academy have been focused on trying to live up to our mission statement of Inspiring excellence, committed to achievement. We have made it a priority to help each other to do better and, as a result, to enable our school to improve too. However, as we all know, achievement is not just about marks in the classroom or winning at sports. It’s about our personal growth too. It’s about how we treat each other, what we value and how we contribute to our surroundings and our community.

Quality community relationships

Old Ford Primary is part of the community. We want to be central to it so that everyone nearby will feel as much a part of us as we are of them. We aim to do this by:

  • working together to be at the heart of the community;
  • sharing good practices with the local networks;
  • being the centre of learning and recreation;
  • establishing links with the wider community;
  • and inviting them to be involved in extra curricular activities;
  • finding ways in which parents and carers can be involved.

Commitment to lifelong learning

As a school we want to encourage everyone to keep developing and growing, expanding our minds and our horizons. We can show our commitment to lifelong learning through:

  • offering high quality experiences for all pupils;
  • offering additional support to enable pupils with special needs to reach their potential;
  • enabling and supporting staff in their continued professional development;
  • sharing facilities with the local community, especially parents and carers;
  • supporting the learning of the wider community by using the expertise of staff and others.

Inspiring excellence

As a central part to our mission, inspiring excellence is something we value highly. As teachers, we aim to demonstrate it through:

  • being committed to providing excellent learning and teaching opportunities in all;
  • areas of the curriculum;
  • using activities that motivate, inspire and extend pupils;
  • giving consistent messages of our high expectations to all in the school community;
  • being excellent role models;
  • making professional decisions;
  • giving praise and encouragement when deserved.

Mutual respect

Some of our values are about how we treat other people and what consideration we
give them. You can give people mutual respect by:

  • listening actively to what they say;
  • showing respect for differences and opinions;
  • acknowledging the responsibilities of individuals;
  • appreciating and taking into account other people’s preferences;
  • taking an active stance against bullying and discrimination.


Integrity differs from respect in that it is not usually a one-off event or action. It is at the heart of all behaviour, the underlying principle. You can show integrity by:

  • being honest;
  • respecting confidentiality;
  • allowing others to express opinions;
  • listening to all opinions, even when controversial;
  • and including everyone, at the earliest stage possible, in the decision-making process.

Team work

Together we can do much more than we can individually. We can share opinions; support each other; manage more complex tasks. We want everyone to be open to:

  • working as a team;
  • subscribing to our corporate vision;
  • encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and risk taking.
Last updated February 24, 2015