Current year – September 2018 to end August 2019

OFPA expects to receive £22,170 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2018 to end August 2019. The school plans to spend this, or has already spent this, as follows:

  • £ 22,170 to part fund the salary of a full time ‘Physical Activity Leader’ sports coach to provide specialist support to less experienced teachers/NQTs in physical education sessions, to provide additional extra curricular sports clubs, to lead lunchtime games/sports sessions, to monitor fitness levels across the school and to train pupils for inter-school competitions.

Previous year – September 2017 to end August 2018

OFPA received £21,321 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2017 to end August 2018. Spending allocations are shown below, together with a brief overview of the impact on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment. Further details are available on request.

Amount/on whatImpact
£21,000 to pay for membership of the Tower Hamlets Youth Sports FoundationIncreased participation in school sports, inter-school sporting competitions and out- of- hours sports clubs. (see tables below for outcomes of this year’s spend)
£321 to part fund salary for a full time ‘Primary Activity Leader’ sports coach (total salary of c.£24k subsidised by the school and LBTH)89% of all pupils took part in some sort of extra-curricular sporting activity. Higher quality physical education lessons taught across the school.Greater range of P.E. and sports clubs offered.Improved fitness levels of pupils across the school due to increased participation in physical activity

Summary of pupil PE involvement 2017/18

The school is ensuring that these improvements are sustainable. The academy is committed to funding high quality sports and P.E. provision in the future and already commits a substantial amount of  its own resources in addition to the premium funding received.

Last updated October 30, 2018