I am delighted to share with you the final teacher assessments and test results, which represent the hard work of our pupils, who have tried their very best, as well as the commitment and dedication to high quality teaching by all our staff. We are very proud of this year’s achievements.

We work hard to ensure that teaching in all key stages and subjects is outstanding and never less than consistently good. We do this through implementing quality assurance programmes and processes. Teaching which requires improvement is not tolerated.

Further information

Reception results

Pupils in Reception achieved higher than pupils nationally and pupils in schools locally compared to last year’s results. Almost 80% of our pupils achieved a good level of development in all of the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and in some areas the percentage of our pupils achieving a good level of development was over 80%.

Expected/ exceeding
Reading 82%
Writing 80%
Numbers 80%
Shape & Space 80%


Year 1 phonics test results

In Year 1 the pupils are given a test on 40 words they are expected to read. If the pupils recognise 32 out of 40 words tested they pass the test. 94% of our Year 1 pupils passed the test.

KS1/Year 2 results

Expected Exceeding
Reading 88%


Writing 83%


Mathematics  86%




KS2/ Year 6 results

OFPA pupils achieved significantly higher than the national combined average as well as for each subject individually. The performance of pupils at higher expectations was also in excess of national averages.


Attainment National (this year)
Reading At+ 80%
High standard 23%
Writing At+ 88%
Greater depth 33%
Grammar At+ 91%
High standard 48%
Mathematics At+ 88%
High standard 35%
Combined RWM 78%
High standard 18%
  Average scaled score National Average Scaled Score
Reading 104 104
Writing 105  
Grammar 109 106
Mathematics 107 104


KS2 Progress

Reading -1.1
Writing +1.8
Mathematics +1.9

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Last updated September 6, 2017