School Home Support Activity

At Old Ford Primary Academy we have a dedicated School-Home Support Worker, Monwara Khatun. Monwara supports parents and carers in a wide range of activities, events and services to ensure that Old Ford children do well at school, and that their carers are fully supported in their important role as primary care-giver. These may include:

  • settling in and induction at school
  • transitions to secondary or other school
  • encouraging better attendance and punctuality
  • getting access to support services
  • benefits / housing / welfare needs
  • parent/carer groups
  • fundraising events
  • parenting programmes
  • courses and workshops

Monwara can also support you if you have concerns regarding your child’s progress or if you have paperwork or other documents which you need to complete.

Monwara is regularly in the playground at the beginning and end of the school day  – please do approach her if you would like to speak or need help or advice with a specific concern. You can also telephone her at school (020 8980 1503) or make an appointment to meet privately if you prefer.

Coffee Mornings

We have a weekly coffee morning. All parents and carers, plus younger siblings, are welcome. We are also always looking for parents and carers to help co-ordinate school events such as those around Christmas, Eid and Easter. Please do come forward if you would like to help out – everyone welcome!

Last updated December 17, 2014